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Prime Video on TELUS - October 2022




October is here already, friends! There's nothing better than kicking back after a great day and checking out that new movie your coworkers keep talking about, or checking out the latest episodes of your favourite series. Prime Video is the place to be for both, and next month brings a slew of great new content to dig into! 


As you may know, Prime Video is part of the Optik TV experience, and the Prime Video app is also on the Optik TV 4K media box as well. It's never been easier to sign up! There's always great new original content available, not to mention a ton of classic movies and shows to check out! Let's dive in!



Coming to Prime Video in October


  • October 21 - The Peripheral (Season 1)
    • Thrilling sci-fi series based on the classic William Gibson novel about alternate futures.
  • October 28 - Run Sweetheart Run
    • Highly anticipated drama thriller about a woman running for her life in late night Los Angeles.



Most Anticipated


The Peripheral (Season 1)


I'm definitely looking forward to this series. As a massive sci-fi and William Gibson fan, I've been waiting for this series to drop ever since hearing about it, and I'm pumped that it's finally almost here. The fact that this new series is also produced from the team that created Westworld you know we're in for a treat. 


The Peripheral takes place in the near future, with Flynne Fisher (Chloe Grace Moretz) helping care for her brother who sustained brain trauma from cybernetic implants he received while serving in the Marine Corps. When he asks her to take his place working security virtually (think VR goggles) for a Colombian company, she agrees. When she does so, she realizes that what she's seeing in the virtual world looks a lot like reality...and when she witnesses someone die, she questions what is really happening. Is this really happening? Is what she's seeing in the present or the future?



This is a fantastic sci-fi premise, and as we all know...the best stories about the future are always the ones that closely resemble our present reality. This definitely looks like an intriguing thriller, with fantastic special effects and a story that'll almost certainly keep us on the edge of our seats. I can't wait to find out what happens when the first season of The Peripheral drops on Prime Video on October 21. If you're a thriller or sci-fi buff like me, you need to check this out!



Currently Watching


A League of Their Own (Season 1)


I'm definitely hooked on this show! When I heard that there was going to be a series based on the classic Penny Marshall film, I was already sold. Now that I'm about to finish the series, I'm glad to report that this new series puts its own spin on the story, with a ton of nods to the original film for all the diehard fans! Set in the years of WWII, A League of Their Own tells the story of the inaugural season of the All-American Girls' Baseball League. Focusing on the formation of the Rockford Peaches, we meet Carson Shaw who leaves her small town life to pursue her dream of playing professional baseball.



The story is intertwined with that of Maxine Chapman, an African-American woman also obsessed with baseball, who cannot even get people to allow her to try out for a team...despite her undeniable skill and athletic talent. I've really loved how this show has developed, with great backstory in the main characters along with a great supporting cast. I'm definitely a huge fan of the genre and time period, and it's fascinating to watch this nascent sports league take off. It's also one of the funniest shows I've seen in a while, with sharp writing and hilarious dialogue. If you're looking for a great comedy with an important message, be sure to check out it out! All 8 episodes of the first season are now streaming on Prime Video!




What are you currently hooked on? What are you waiting to see next? Let me know in the comments below!



Disclaimer: For all shows/movies, please refer to the Maturity Ratings associated with each programming prior to consumption. See for details. Amazon, Prime Video and all related logos are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates.