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Smart Lights


Hi, this is Kristen again continuing with my DIY journey. I am not a morning person. Whether it is waking up for my 8:30am university classes or my summer job, I dread the sound of that early alarm. As a summer student intern at TELUS, I have recently learned about many cool SmartHome security and automation devices. After completing the SmartHome Security virtual “wizard” quiz, the system recommended a few automation devices that I could add to my home. Last week, I DIY installed Smart Plugs for my bedside table lamps. Now, I can program my lamps to automatically turn on and gently wake me up in the mornings!

The installation was super quick and easy. Since I am a visual learner, I found the online TELUS installation visual guide to be especially helpful. In just a few short minutes, I was able to turn on, off and dim each of my lamps using my phone.


My favourite part about having Smart Plugs for my lamps is the “Schedule Automation” feature that I set up using my TELUS online dashboard. I programmed my lamps to turn on just before my usual alarm goes off on weekdays. Instead of waking up abruptly to a dark room or accidentally falling back asleep after turning off my alarm, I now wake up gently to a bright room that encourages me to start my day.

I still may not be a morning person, but using Smart Plugs on my bedside lamps have definitely made my mornings easier. I would encourage everyone to try out the online TELUS SmartHome security wizard - you may be surprised at how useful both SmartHome security and automation devices can be!










My Install Tips:

  1. Download the app in advance: Make sure to install the app on all the devices that you want to be able to control your device from - for me and my smart plug lamps, it was my phone.
  2. Watch the online installation videos: I found the TELUS YouTube videos to be extremely useful. They complement the written instructions very well and there is a tailored video for each device.

And that's it for me! If you have any questions or comments, please chime in below. Don't forget to check out the part 1 of my DIY journey with Smart Garage Door Opener




Meet Kristen from our Marketing team:


Kristen is a University student who recently joined TELUS as a summer Marketing Student. Outside of school and work, Kristen enjoys playing sports (especially basketball), and spending time outdoors with her family and friends.