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My SmartHome DIY Journey - Smart Garage Door Opener


Do you ever forget if you have closed your garage door? This happens to me all the time! Sometimes I’m left wondering whether to drive the few blocks back home or get out of bed at the end of a long day to check if it is shut. I’ve definitely learned that double-checking is worth it - a bike was stolen from my garage last year when it was left open overnight! This is why I was so excited to DIY install a Smart Garage Opener from TELUS. Now, I can check the status of my garage door on my phone, operate the door remotely, and even be alerted if the door has been left open.




I have never DIY installed anything before and was pleasantly surprised at how straightforward the process was. I wouldn’t consider myself a “handy” person - sometimes I have trouble assembling IKEA furniture - but the number of available resources made the install process very clear. As a visual learner, I found the TELUS installation YouTube video especially helpful and took advantage of the online product guide. While I didn’t need to use the technician help-line, it was reassuring to know that it was there. The DIY process was very manageable and the ability to remotely control and check the status of my garage door has provided me with peace of mind. No more open garage doors or stolen bikes at this house!




Here are my Smart Garage Opener Install Tips:


1. You don’t need to drill any holes in your garage ceiling - while the online video demonstrates this method, the device also comes with a mounting bracket that can be attached to your existing garage door hardware. 




2. Not all garage door openers are the same - before you order, verify that your garage door is compatible using the online tool. My wire connection looked different from the garage opener in the video but after calling into TELUS I learned that it was still compatible. I just needed to wrap the wire around the screw connector instead.




3. Explore automation functionality - after you have installed the device, log-on to your TELUS SmartHome web portal to explore different automation options. I programmed my system to automatically ensure my garage door is closed when my panel is in “sleep” mode.




Tools - For the entire installation, here are the tools I used, along with a ladder. 




If you are considering DIY installing a Smart Garage Opener I would definitely recommend it. It only took me about an hour to install and the whole process was a lot easier than I originally imagined.  But don’t tell my parents that - they are super impressed!


Next week, I'll be sharing my DIY journey with Smart Lights, please stay tuned! 




Meet Kristen from our Marketing team:


Kristen is a University student who recently joined TELUS as a summer Marketing Student. Outside of school and work, Kristen enjoys playing sports (especially basketball), and spending time outdoors with her family and friends.