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TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee



Ever heard the term “Porch Pirates”? If not - you’re in luck, and if so – you must have some bad memories creeping up.  Although the holidays will be different this year for everyone, one thing will stay the same – with the rise of online shopping due to COVID there will be Porch Pirates lurking around homes to steal packages through the holiday season.


I can tell you first hand, there’s nothing more disappointing after a long few days or even weeks of waiting for a delivery, then realizing that it was seized right on your doorstep! Not only have my packages been stolen, but it also left me with a feeling of violation, as this has happened to me on my property.


How can TELUS help? TELUS’ Smart Home Security system is not only designed to prevent break-ins and control your temperature & lights – but has some great features that help scare away Porch Pirates from your property:


  • The Slimline Wi-Fi Doorbell Camera doesn’t only allow you to speak with the person at your door – but it also provides live & recorded footage.  This will allow you to capture close up footage of any Porch Pirate that comes right to your doorstep – and you can even share this footage with the police.

  • The Outdoor Wi-Fi Security Camera will certainly help scare away these thieves. Not only do they have much fewer chances of stepping further into your property – but if they do you’ll be able to see it right through your SmartHome Security app and also keep the recorded footage.

  • SmartHome Security lawn signs & stickers are another way to scare them off from far.  Each welcome kit includes 1 lawn sign and 4 stickers.

Want to know if it’s available in your area? Visit for more info!