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Telus online security - why I didn't buy

Just Moved In

When I saw Telus' ad for online security I was interested because of the inclusion of identity theft protection (powered by Norton Lifelock) in the package, because Norton Lifelock is not normally available to Canadians.  The pricing was also attractive.  However after speaking to Telus support I decided not to buy Telus Online security for the following reasons:

1) the identity theft protection only covers one person (the primary user) and I needed it to be two people

2) after talking to the representative I was still unsure of whether I would be provided assistance to remove any information that was found on the dark web / data brokers; the package seems to be aimed at helping someone who has been a victim of identity theft rather than providing assistance with prevention following detection.

3) I already have Norton 360 Premium for 10 devices.  I wanted to be able to transfer my existing Norton account to Telus, but this appears to not be how it is.  Waiting for my existing Norton coverage to expire and starting new coverage with Telus is not a good solution because my existing Norton is billed annually, and also I would not want gaps in coverage.

4) With my existing Norton 360 Premium subscription I currently have optional add-ons (for example, Norton Utilities Ultimate, Driver Updater, Software Updater, Anti-Track) and I am unsure whether these add-ons would be available to me through Telus.


If these issues were all addressed, I would want to be a customer of Telus online security.  As it stands, I am not sure that Telus' online security offering is the total solution that I was hoping for.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Very much appreciate the feedback. Will definitely pass this along.