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SmartHome Security Scam

At the moment of writing this I have to admit to being pretty upset. A few months ago, after a very crazy and distressing emergency move, when I was getting my Internet set up, a Telus Sales Agent happened to be doing door to door sales. He was able to get us a better Internet deal than what I’d been intending to get online, and said that because I’m a Koodo mobility customer, this would include a free doorbell cam.

Well, cut to now, when I’ve finally had a chance to really take a closer look at my bill only to see the SmartHome Security Automation service — a service I never asked for, was never told about, and that I’m paying an extra $33 dollars a month for that I frankly can’t afford.

Do some research, and realize this includes the use of my supposedly “free” door cam, and some smart plugs the technician had installed (that we don’t use) without saying anything to us. Do some more research, and see that to cancel this service, I’d still be obligated to pay $35/mo until the end of my contract for something I, just to make myself very clear, never asked for and was never told about.

Frankly, this kind of underhanded sales has me really questioning if Telus is the kind of company I want to keep giving my business to if this doesn’t get resolved.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Sorry to hear about this experience. I'll send you a private message to discuss further, and see if we can get to the bottom of this!


I have experienced the same thing. The agent basically said that this security and optikTV are included in the service in a same price as just my internet that I used to pay. He gave me credits for signing a new contract. After few months now I noticed all the extra add ons that actually cost me. I totally got cheated on this. The worst thing was I shared the agent contacts with my neighbor and my parents at that time. Now I'm so mad that I got them into this. I still have the agents card!

That sounds similar to what I got targeted for. I didn’t sign up but I was quite convinced. Anyway, I said call me back by text and I got his number, but and when I let him know not to come back as I didn’t get a chance to do research, his reply was “I’m going on vacation next week, for a month”

Anyway. I’m now kinda worried that I gave them the low down to my current security, and worried it was actually an opportunity for something bigger; identity theft! I will be be calling into Telus tomorrow to verify this person exists on they system or not.

I’m really sorry to hear about how it went down for you. Telus should absolutely be correcting this and I highly encourage you to take this message to social media on or your city. Do the same on twitter and mention their name or twitter handle. Escalation and total resolve is your right within the consumer protection act! Make them accountable!