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Send a technician

Just Moved In
So the saleman who sold me the security system promised that it wouldn’t get set off by a cat. But the police were called on my cats several times and I cancelled. Luckily the phone operator agreed to free me from the one year contract I signed due to false advertisement.
I couldn’t get Telus to email me back on if I can rip the smoke detector off the ceiling or if that will set it off.
Here’s my issue. The fire department were called today after I took a steamy shower and Telus’s smoke detector decided it was a fire.

I wanna a technician out right now to uninstall my security system and I am struggling to do it myself.
Telus remains on my to do list and I am starting to hate the company for forcing me to talk to robots instead of people.

How do I email someone about this issue? How do I fill in a form to request a technician

Community Manager
Community Manager

@ExTelusUser I sent you a private message to see if we can get you some assistance 🙂