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Security alarm message “ communication error”

Just Moved In

Ever since this past ice storm my alarm has been having a problem with communication signal. It seems it happens early in the morning. In the past Telus would reset and everything is fine. This problem used to occur once or twice a year. Since this past ice storm, my alarm has not been reset properly still showing the yellow triangle on my control panel.

Telus has NOT provide proper service in comparison when I was connected to ALARM SYSTEM Athena was bought out by ADT and now owned by TELUS Co. I was told that a technician from Telus would call to verify and service the error. It’s been two weeks still waiting.

Where is customer service, 


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @LuigiMarra sorry to hear about the trouble with the reset.  Did you know you can reach out via social media @telussupport via Twitter or the Facebook page TELUS we can help escalate your issue to fix the problem with resetting your panel properly.