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Norton LifeLock # of SINs

Friendly Neighbour
Hi there, there's no clear info on the following: in the Internet Security packages that include LifeLock, how many SINs are covered for stuff like identity theft, credit monitoring, etc?

Community Power User
Community Power User

To my knowledge lifelock only covers USA social security numbers. Canadian social insurance numbers are not covered. All other features of lifelock is offered to Canadians. 

Friendly Neighbour

Telus is advertising it as part of most of their Internet Security plans, as on I agree that LifeLock itself, purchased outside of Telus's plans, is most a USA-only thing. But I guess Telus has a deal with them? I did the 3-month trial a while ago and there was credit monitoring and identity theft protection included.

Bump. Anyone know the answer to this? I really don't want to have to call Telus.

Hey! It's a feature for a single user. If you have any further questions and don't want to call, you can also reach our team via Live Chat online over at

Thanks for the info! Do you think Telus will look into making it a household offering? The remainder of the Online Security package could reasonably be expected to suit a family, so this one component is a bit of an outlier. Thanks.

It's definitely something I can pass along to that team, for sure. Another option would be to visit and voice your idea there; our team uses those ideas for future implementation!