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Migration to 4G/LTE network - a pretext to change Security monthly plans?


The other day I received a letter from Telus with regards to upgrading my 3G hardware to a 4G/LTE equivalent panel (totally understandable as 3G is being phased out across the industry). I have a 3G Home Security panel which would need to be upgraded to 4G/LTE so I called the Customer Support number provided. However, instead of focusing on booking an appointment to have the hardware replaced, the customer representative insisted on me changing my current monthly plan. To make matters worse, she wouldn't confirm if the new plan would keep an essential part of my current plan: up to 4 visits per year by a Security team, in case I'm not home or I don't answer the phone to cancel the alarm (at no additional cost to me). She actually seemed genuinely confused by the contents of my letter which states hardware upgrade to 4G/LTE network. She told me the purpose of this process is to change customers to a new Smart Home plan in addition to a hardware upgrade. When I asked to be sent a copy of the new contract so I can read it over and think about it, she told me this new plan offer is available today only and that she can't send me anything in writing. She said I'll receive a summary of the changes after I sign up to the new plan.

To clear the air of misunderstanding, it would be great if a Telus representative could clarify the following:

1. Can customers keep the existing Home Security monthly plans and do only a hardware swap?

2. If yes, can the customer support staff be trained accordingly? 

Thank you.



It appears that Telus' phaseout of 3G will not be completed until 2025. This is a change from the earlier date of December 2022.


Here's a link to an earlier, similar, conversation on these forums: Telus security: 3G phaseout in 2022 "Act Now" 


The contrived sense of urgency ("offer valid today only") and the refusal to provide a copy of, or even a link to, the contract that you are being asked to agree to ... are red flags to me.


I have not received a letter from Telus security, as yet. My contract with them has expired and I have been frankly curious as to what will be offered going forward and at what price. If your experience is any indication of what mine will be then my conversation with the agent will be brief.

Thank you for sharing the link and your insight. Indeed, the vague but urgent comments were red flags to me as well so I've told the representative I won't agree to any terms under an ultimatum and declined both the plan change and hardware upgrade. Interestingly enough, as soon as she realized I'll hang up the phone, she said I'll be transfered to another person who could better assist me... I told her the person can call me on a later day as I've already spent nearly an hour on hold and another 15 min talking to her, but she transferred the call regardless. I had to hang up as I had a commitment coming up.
I do hope your conversation (when and if will come) will be better than mine.

Follow up to the above. Upon insisting, I was provided with a detailed list of the hardware and a breakdown of the monthly invoice before changing to the monthly plan. The new plan has a lower monthly cost and includes more sensors/detectors, the option to add a doorbell camera device and the Online Security feature (identity fraud protection). It also replaced (at no cost) the existing panel and sensors and added a free smoke Detector. After switching, I'm paying a monthly fee 27٪ lower than before which now includes detectors for CO and flood (which I've purchased). The smoke and flood detectors slightly lowered my home insurance. My current doorbell (Skybell TrimPlus) is not compatible with the Telus system which accepts only 2 models from Skybell and 1 from There is the option to add up to 2 visits per year to the property by a security team for $5/month. They offered a contract option of 3 or 5 years. I picked 5 years due to the very attractive monthly cost (less than half of what is advertised on their website). Please note that cancelling before the 5 years is up is costly! They do allow transfer of ownership or moving the services to a new home.
Overall, I'm satisfied with the outcome. I still wish they would have been forthcoming in their letter and outlined both the panel upgrade to 5G network and the plan changes. By mentioning only the former in their letter they only arise suspicions when the customers call Telus only to be told they must change their plan if they want the 5G hardware.