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Liftmaster 84501 - not detected by security pannel.


Been trying to get my Liftmaster 84501 working with the Telus alarm app with no success.

This model has both the MyQ bluetooth and WIFI onboard, and looking on ADT's website it shows that there are no additional devices needed for it to be compatible with their system.

I had set up the opener using the MyQ app, which worked just fine. Since going through multiple support documents telling me not to use the app, i deleted the device from the app and attempted to set up the telus app to use it.

First issue I noticed was both the app and the website don't allow you to specify anything at all in the garage door menu.  When you select  >Add device>Garage Door, they both have no choices in that menu and speed you through it automatically selecting "Linear Z-Wave Garage Controller". Needless to say the setup process does not work as the garage door opener is a WiFi device and not Z-Wave. Additionally the selection to add "other" at the bottom of the list has now also been changed to "Other z-wave device", also not working.


The Telus support article tells the user to select the correct device under "Garage Door" to proceed. How do you install this opener when there are no options to select anything in that list and automatically forces the selection of the Linear z-wave controller..

Another website here telling users how to configure the device with ADT requiring no additional hardware.


Is this a limitation with Telus's "port" of the ADT system or whats going on here?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @Foonus 


Have you checked setup steps in the user's guide provided by the manufacturer?

Thanks for the reply


The user guide has zero information about pairing the unit to a security system, only to their proprietary app, though it is listed as supported hardware for ADT without any additional hardware needed.


These are fairly new openers and though there are multiple sites guiding the setup for ADT there is no mention of Telus anywhere.. When I originally set up this system it was ADT gear using, since then Telus has changed it to their proprietary management instead of using (ADT).  Its looking as though just because something new is supported by ADT it no longer means that it will be supported by telus home security.


I ran into a similar situation with my door locks. I had 2 of the smartlock 30 code units set up, again the ones sent to me were Z-wave.. Trying to buy a 3'rd one at the local Lowes or Home depot and everything out there now is WIFI, not z-wave any more and you can't get the wifi locks to detect either.

With both devices the current port of the app only allows you to select the specific device name from the preset list, if its not in the list the only "scan for all" option at the end of the page ONLY lets you add Z-Wave devices in Telus's ported version, not WiFi standard Devices.


Telus's Instructions:

  • Select Add Devices in the top-right corner of the screen

  • Select Garage Door

  • Select your device that matches the image and device name in the drop-down list and select Next

  • Select Register Gateway


As mentioned earlier when you click on "garage door" only the "liner z-wave" door opener is on the list and it is pre selected for you with no option to change it.



In the ADT setup guide (linked above) there is a pull down selection in ADT's version of the app allowing you to select the correct opener..  Note the add device option only specifies z-wave now.. 


Telus's Port of the app - Note Add Device limited to Z-Wave only


 Original app.


Yes, My security package is supposed to include garage door support. Though I did find this bit on


1. Enable the LiftMaster integration. A MyQ Garage Door Controller is paired with using the LiftMaster integration. This integration can only be enabled by your alarm monitoring company. Contact your provider, and ask them to enable the feature, if they haven't already. Please note that Alarm Grid customers who use for automation control can have this feature enabled at no additional cost."