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Home Security App

Why is it so slow to show me the video captured by the doorbell? It takes forever to get the video to play on my pixel 8. It doesn't matter if I am connected to 5G mobility network or wifi.
If it was a critical nature the emergency would be far over before the video loaded.
Need answers please.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Have you had the chance to speak with our SmartHome team about this? We also have a number of Support pages at our website:

Support pages are okay but not specific enough. Part of the solution is hilights but it's still problematic. If Support was in Canada I'd likely reach out more quickly.

Just got off the phone with Home Security Support and couldn't get past "the issue is your Network provider, please call them. ". I had to remind the agent more than once I can be sitting in my living room and have an excessive load time before the video would play. Away from home or at home,  there's an issue with the app loading videos for playback through the app using my telus data network. Today it's not a problem, yesterday it was, last week it was a problem. Tomorrow? I'm looking for a fix not a suggestion to troubleshoot the data network that's working fine. 

Got an email on my personal account, not the security account telling me how to do something that wasn't even a problem. Told the CSR it wasn't part of the problem yet I still got the email. That's not effective TS or Client Support. Shouldn't happen.

We are sorry for the inconvenience and confusion caused by the email you received. We understand that receiving irrelevant troubleshooting instructions can be frustrating, especially when the issue at hand is different. We understand that you have a technician scheduled to visit your location today between 11 AM and 1 PM. They will follow up with you after their visit.