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Google assistant alarm dot com account


I am a vivint customer and my contract is coming up in July. One massive reason I have not decided to sign with telus yet is for over 3 years I have waited for google home integration. Still all I see is alexa, even with Amazon laying off alexa employees thats all telus security offers (Yet there is an app for optik tv that works with google assistant). I dont get it...


Anyway there was a post on here a few years ago mentioning you could link an alarm dot com account and get some google integration.


Is that still the case? Can telus users still log in to alarm dot com (and link it to google home)? If not I might just go the DIY route. I have so many google/nest speakers/displays around the house, and currently with vivint I can be in bed and ask it if i remembered to lock the door. Very disappointing 3 years later it seems telus security is still stagnant. It would at least be something if telus customers got an alarm dot com account so they can get some integration with google home, but I am not sure if telus allows that anymore?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey! Linking with Google Home is unfortunately not yet officially supported. We're working on it and when/if it does become supported, we'll be sure to let everyone know!