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Faulty Smoke Detector - Replacement Required - Telus won't send it to me?


Short version: smoke detector faulty > Telus won't send me new smoke detector until I sign up for new contract




I am originally an ADT customer (now Telus since last night, I guess?) and my smoke alarm has been beeping and the yellow "fault" light has been flashing. I installed new batteries yesterday, but that did not solve the problem so I called Telus Technical support (twice). They also had me replace the batteries again, which I did. New batteries were used each time. They said the smoke detector was likely faulty so I requested a new one. Technical Support said they could not order the replacement smoke detector for me and therefore had to transfer me to the Loyalty Department who could help... they couldn't and then transferred me to the Customer Care team? (I don't know of that is the department's official name.) 


When speaking with the Care team, I was told the only way to get a new smoke detector was to sign up for a new three year contract. I said I was surprised that they could not simply send me a new smoke detector but they assured me this was the only way. Thinking about my family's safety, I said OK to the new contract under duress (strong word, I know, but not sure how else to phrase it). They said I would now have to wait two weeks for the new one to arrive! 


Overall, I am beside myself. I just need a replacement smoke detector, which is part of a service I am already paying for but no one can help. In short, this kinda feels like extortion (again, strong language, but not sure what else to call it). My smoke detector is faulty. I simply need a replacement. And Telus won't send me a new one unless I sign up for a new three year contract. And when I did reluctantly sign up, they said I now need to wait. 


I am at a loss with what to do here. Hoping someone in this community can help! 


Thank you all.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello. That's definitely not the experience we want our customers to have. I'll send you a private message to discuss our options here, thanks.

This is exactly what happened to us too. We were told that we have to pay for the new smoke detector plus installation fee unless we sign a new contract