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Just Moved In
I have a contract with ADT. Telus bought them out but are not honouring the contract . I have had an ongoing issue with the smoke alarm as well as the cameras since I got the system. In June the smoke alarm failed once again. They were going to send me a new one but first stole $245.00 from my bank account. I called again and they reversed the charges. After a month no technician came to install the new smoke detector. I called again. They stated they would send one out free of charge and drop my monthly payment. November 28th still no smoke detector. I checked my Telus online and noticed my monthly bill increased $90.00 so I called to be told the smoke detector was sent out on October 26,2023 and the $90 was for the detector but the detector was cancelled because I had to sign another 3 year contract with Telus before I can get a detector. 1. In June why didn’t they tell me this. 2. I have been charged for 6 months for a service that has not worked. 3. Why would I want to continue to do business with a company that doesn’t honour a contract they bought with the purchase of ADT.
How can I get out of this contract? I only have 4 months left and think it would be only fitting if they cancelled the contract for lack of service.
Thanks for listening

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello. That's definitely not the experience we want our customers to have. I'll send you a private message to discuss!

Can I get a person from ADT to talk to me?