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Constant problems with alarm system, can't get support

Just Moved In

I've had a Telus 'smarthome' alarm system for about a year now. Before that I had a Reliance Protectron system that worked without problems for 10 years. The Telus system has been nothing but problems. Every few weeks something goes wrong with it. Now I can't even get through to the help phone line, they just keep me on hold indefinitely. And to add massive insult to injury, every 60 seconds a message asks me if I have heard of their online portal. After they've told me about it 40 or 50 time whilst holding on the same call OF COURSE I'VE HEARD OF IT! If they can't actually install systems that work, couldn't they at least stop blatantly insulting their customers?


Community Power User
Community Power User

What issues are you having?