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Why the constant harassment about PikTV?

Just Moved In

Why is Telus repeatedly sending me emails about PikTV?  There isn't an option to unsubscribe from these annoying emails.  Actually I know why, it's to boost usage (a.k.a. ad revenue), but I don't watch TV and don't want PikTV either.  I made the huge mistake of signing a new 2-year internet contract with Telus, but didn't have much of a choice since all Canadian telecom is a monopolistic, price-fixed scam.


Telus sure has turned into a greedy, disgusting corporation, just like the other 2 majors, over the last few years.  They used to be amazing back in the early 10's, but anyone who has lived a few years on Earth knows that they came in nice and (relatively) fairly price to undercut the competition, then started jacking up the prices, and dropping the quality of service across the board.  Typical, but still frustrating every time it happens.  And making the consumer pay for credit card usage when you're posting billions in profit every year...?  So pathetic.


Community Manager
Community Manager

@CDNTelecomScam You can ask for your marketing profile to be adjusted by calling in or via live chat. Do note it can take up to 10 business days for the change(s) to take effect.