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Latest Telus TV+ for Apple TV update is terrible


After the latest update (may 31 2023) I no longer have my channels on the home screen. I have to go to Live TV and scroll through everything. What is with this app anyway? Audio goes out of sync, channels dissappear and don't reappear until you reboot the app, and sometimes it just freezes. Every update just seems to make the problems worse. Whoever you having writing code for this app isn't very good. This is the buggiest streaming app I have ever used.


Neighbourhood Alum
Neighbourhood Alum

Hi @CGBG sorry to hear you're having trouble with Pik TV.  Are those issues occuring even after you restarted the app?  It is possible to have to reset some of the options after an update.  

No it did not solve anything. I even deleted and reinstalled. This has nothing to do with resetting preferences. My channels are no longer on the homepage. The only way to scroll through them is in the guide which has its own problems. When I am watching something and bring up my channels to scroll through sometimes half of them are missing. For me this app gets worse with each update.