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no fast forward and can't resume recording


I just switched from Shaw and there doesn't appear to be any fast forward function for recorded programs. If I hold the forward (right side of the wheel) it goes so fast it's useless. Also when I stopped watching in the middle of a recorded show and then tried to resume playing it started from the beginning. There also doesn't seem to be a rewind function.


Seems to me these are absolutely basic things any remote should be able to do.



Is this the new Telus TV with cloud storage? 


I assume you are using the TelusTV-21T system with cloud recording?


A similar post is here:


That said, it should pause when you exit the recording to watch something else and resume from that point when you go back, not restart from the beginning.


Trying using the pause button (OK in the center of the wheel) and then exit the recorded program. It should keep that point and resume from there when you go back to continue.

TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

Further to @MrSL - there are 'skip ahead' and 'skip back' buttons. Skip ahead goes forward 30 seconds and skip back goes back 10. Usually 4 or 5 presses of skip ahead deals up commercial breaks. Skip ahead/back are the 3/4 circular arrows under the Prime Video and Netflix buttons, respectively.