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can I get same channels with telus Optik TV or Pik TV tv as had with shaw tv

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My building  at 11020, 99 Avenue, Edmonton, T5K 2M2 provides tv as a Telus group account. The tv is paid for in rents. I have changed to Telus, it's either Optic TV or Pik TV and am hoping to get the same shows as had with Shaw tv.

In particular, right now at 11 pm I was able to watch live streaming from BBC which is early morning news.

Should I be able to find that show on Telus tv?



@frankhatton Every provider has  a basic package- a channel you had in one provider might be in an add on pack next provider for more $. You really have to look up everything to be happy with what you are going to sign up for. Basics vary a lot.

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Community Power User

You can see available channels, and search for specific ones here.


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