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Why won’t Telus fix this?


I have submitted this a few times. At one point Telus e-mailed me to thank me for my submission, yet nothing has changed. The issue is this; when you pause an “on demand” show, after a few minutes, if you leave it for more than around 5 minutes……a screen pops up showing the picture icon of the show with either “watch” or “resume”. Once the “resume” feature times out, and the option changes to “watch” - it is an entirely different previous episode of the show. You play it, realize it’s a previous episode, and then have to mess around to get to the episode you were watching, to resume that episode. A GIANT tedious pain in the butt.  Now today we discovered another flaw. When you have watched the episode, and the episode populates “My History”, when you next go into “my history” to finish the episode you just watched and get to the next episode, the episode you watched previously -completely restarts from the beginning. The only way to counter-act that happening, is to fast forward to the NEXT episode before you exit, so that when you go into “my history” to watch the next episode, it will be there and ready, starting from the beginning of that next episode. It is SO frustrating, even when you have this figured out, you can be in a hurry or forget to preload the next episode and you find yourself fast forwarding through the entire episode - to get to the next one. Why won’t Telus fix this? It seems pretty basic; pause, or watch -and then resume.


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Community Power User

Bug submissions take time to fix along with roll out of feature updates. Things take time, if Telus acknowledged your email, I'm sure it was forwarded to the appropriate team to be looked into for a future update.

Thanks so much. It’s been, probably a year but… never know, they might surprise me one day!


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