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Why Was My Thread Closed ????


So I started a thread last September concerning current free previews that were available on Telus since I was doing the same on SHAW's Forums when I was a SHAW customer.


I went to make an update today and noticed that the thread has been closed / locked from any future comments. Why was this done ???? Nothing I posted was offensive so I am genuinely puzzled by this action.


Community Power User
Community Power User

Possibly because it is contained on a page they manage, and is available on Channel 5 on Optik TV.

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Maybe - but I posted a lot of info that either never made it to the free preview channel or was posted well before it made it there. I would really like somebody from Telus to comment on this. 

Have you checked that page lately - it mainly lists free previews that all ended in 2021. Still waiting for a MOD to tell me why my thread was closed/locked.