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Where are the season and episode numbers in the guide information..?

Just Moved In

This is a question as to why the season and episode numbers are NOT included in the information on the guide?


As an example: Pawn Stars S18E17 Atomic Pawn 10/May/2021 (which was shown last night Tuesday Oct 5-2021 here in Canada)


This seems to me a basic, extremely simple idea that the ENTIRE world uses when describing information about each program. Go to any, literally any website that gives information about TV shows, like IMDB, TMDB and TVDB and every single one of them will list the season and the episode number, as well as the show title in the description of it.


So why in the world is that information NOT included in the telus on screen TV guide?


When program providers give information to cable tv providers, that specific information IS included with the information packet for each TV program, and I know this as to be a fact as I asked about it from a program provider and they told me that the season and episode numbers are included when they give that information to the companies that update guide information (shaw as example uses and outside company to update it's guide information).


So my question again, what is the reason why that information not included in the telus on screen TV guide? It sure is a whole lot easier to recall which season and episode number one has watched, as opposed to what could be a lengthy title and broadcast date.


Seems to me that this information isn't included because someone has decided that it is not needed? or that it costs to much money to include that information, if one is paying per letter or per word to add that information to the guide? Or it's just pure laziness from whomever sits and types in that information, and they just don't want to..?


I think that it is time to address this GLARING FAILURE and add this information to the telus on screen TV guide.


Getting tired of going searching the webpages to compare what it shown in the guide, to what the rest of the world uses, to see if I have watched something or not.


..and NO, the recording function to record only new episodes, does not mean that it is actually new to the viewer. Which opens another can of worms, why is it not included in the description as "new" or "repeat"? Shaw has no problem including that information, as well as the season and episode number.


Seems like an easy fix, so what are you waiting for..