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When will Telus allow me to watch my channels/recordings when on vacation?

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello. As of now there's no capability to watch Optik live/recordings outside of Canada but we'll be sure to advise everyone when/if that changes.

What about VPN? I watch stuff in the US that is blocked in Canada. I thought everyone knew how to do that.

What about it? Why doesn't Telus recommend that?
I don't know about/how to set up vpn, let alone for Telus.
Didn't know to ask about vpn.



Do you have a laptop on which to watch TelusTV?

Do you have an antivirus program like Norton, it has VPN and other antivirus may too?


VPN is available otherwise but I use Norton VPN. It will give you a choice of country, even major cities to pretend that is where you are. Chrome browser offers VPN