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Upgraded to 4K - Now HD & Regular Channels are Grainy and Blurry


Last week I upgraded to Telus 4K. While actual 4K programs look incredible, now all the other channels look horrible (and of course the majority of shows are not in 4K). The picture is very grainy and blurry, and some are so bad it looks like it's from an old VHS tape. I've tried every setting I can think of, and have Googled for days for an answer. Nothing has worked. Any suggestions?


Community Power User
Community Power User

What is the size, make and model of TV? The Optik display setting should be 4K 2160p which should be the recommended setting. 

Sounds like a TV issue perhaps upscaling as I don’t have an issue with the 4K receiver in HD or 4K content 


The TV is a Hi-sense 58H78G 58" Smart Ultra HD 4K...recently purchased, and the picture looked great before upgrading to 4K. And it is set to 4K 2160p. I sure hope this can be fixed, because I signed up for a 2 year contract...


When setting the Optik box to 1080p is there a difference in picture quality. Hi-sense are notorious for poor upscaling.

Unfortunately, no matter what I set it at, the picture is still terrible. I had no idea Hisense had an issue with upscaling. In fact, when I bought this $650 TV 2 months ago, I didn't even know what upscaling was. I just assumed a 4K TV would display 4K programming, and not make non-4K programs look terrible. Thanks for the info though!

The HD channels should e that bad at all. You will have to perhaps adjust your picture settings. A good website for base settings is provided they reviewed that model.

If you set the Optik box to 4K output your TV will not need to do upscaling. As far as your TV is concerned all channels are 4K because the Optik box does the upscaling before sending it to the TV. When I watch a HD or SD channel the TV input on my Sony still shows as 4K.


If HD channels look worse than HD then there may be something wrong with your Optik box. Have you tried setting the Optik box output to HD and watching a HD channel? This will bypass any scaling on the Optik box and let the TV scale up to 4K. Does it look any better?