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Telus TV remote

Just Moved In

I just received two boxes and after unpacking each I discovered I have no remotes. Is it run by my phone or integrates with the existing TV remote? 
also I have a Samsung model that displays art work, can’t remember the name. It uses a special adaptor to the tv. I’m hesitant to take it off wall and start set up of new boxe as without a remote I’m thinking I’m pretty much at a stand still. The tv model is frame. Thanks for any assistance. 


Community Power User
Community Power User

Which boxes did you receive? Do you have remotes from a previous Telus box? Are the new boxes different than the old ones you had? You would need to use a remote to control the box. They cannot be controlled by a phone.


As for the Samsung Frame, do you have a Samsung One Connect box for it? Your TV should have come with one. Any set top box that you receive, from any provider, will need to be physically connected to a TV. 

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