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Telus TV app mark as watched iPad

Just Moved In

Is there any way to mark a show or season as watched in the Telus tv app?

This app is terrible for tracking progress.  Most of the time it fails to log progress in episodes and since the new Telus app rolled out some shows I can’t get it to track in any way.

With the old app I could at least go back and manually nudge them to get them to be “viewed”. With the new app it’s not working on some shows at all.

I watched the first season of yellowjackets and I now have 6 episodes of it sitting on my Resume page. No matter how many times I go in and try to show the app that I’ve watched it….. nothing.

This is on the iPad app.

I can’t believe in 2023 this is the best that Telus could do with a streaming app.


Community Power User
Community Power User

I've requested the ability to do this on the PVR. So far no solution.


A workaound that I've used on the PVR is to select the last episide in a series and start playing it. Fast forward to the end of the show and then the series is removed from the Resume list. Some shows cannot be fast forwarded and I just left them playing until completed.


Hopefully this get sorted out.

Just a long time customer hoping to help.

Ya. Unfortunately some shows won’t mark as watched no matter what I do.  Fast forward… let them play… no difference.

it’s just such a terrible streaming app compared to other services.