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Telus Lack of Communication

Just Moved In

Telus is a communications company yet it is terrible at communicating with its own subscribers and customers. Recent changes Optik TV and the Telus use of the Cloud to record and store TV programs seems to have changed customer setups of their Telus devices yet no one advised us what was happening! Why not?? Telus has our phone numbers, emails, addresses and all other means to reach customers but chooses not to use them to communicate.. Yesterday I discovered the TV record settings on my Optik TV box had arbitrarily changed. Past recordings of the local news had been removed from my PVR. Regular scheduled recording of the local news had been changed. Now on top of all that, I have no sound on my TV. When I called Telus technical support I was connected to your usually powerless overseas call centre in the Phillipines where I was told a "ticket" had been created and my problems would be looked into. I have no confidence this will happen. Over the past 16 months I've been using the newest Evo version of Optik TV there has been an endless series of bugs and malfunctions in how this service works. Telus seems unable to develop a simple and stable TV service that the customer can count on. I suspect it is because Telus chose Google instead of Microsoft to develop the backend system and coding for their new Evo product. This appears to be very problematic as Google seems to understand internet based streaming but has no understanding how to integrate the PVR and cable TV programming into its work. It leaves me wondering if I should switch to Rogers/Shaw with their Comcast system which seems to have none of these problems. Suggestions??



Hi @ixnay I hear your frustration and I can assure you that we are working on fixes everyday. You can read more about our progress Here


I can also say that recordings have not changed. We still have recordings available for 90 days and they delete after that.