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TV channels missing one of best channels TLN

So we are new customers and the channel line up is poor, a great Canadian channel TLN is missing, the other cooking channels are a joke, nothing but a game show, TLN you actually learn to cook by talented people!!! Get this channel back for the people who love to cook and learn!!! Support Canadians

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Community Power User

It doesn't appear to available via any of the normal services. There are other viewing options:


Where to Watch (


You can put in a request via the Ideas section of the forum to see if Telus can add it:


Ideas - TELUS Neighbourhood

Just a long time customer hoping to help.

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Community Power User

I'm going to assume you are referring to this TLN. Telus offered TLN/TeleLatino in the past but that channel was dropped some time ago, very likely to very low subscriber numbers. There have been several posts on the forums here in the past trying to get TLN/TeleLatino re-added but they are few and far between.

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I wouldn't call the channel line-up poor because of the absence of one channel. Telus has a great selection. I was with Shaw Direct for many years. Shaw Direct has a poor channel line-up if anyone does, that is unless you are a sports fan. I doubt that it has to do with low subscriber counts. It is typically as a result of a price increase by the channel and the channel and provider not coming to terms. You can view TLN's complaint against Telus here: Complaint by Telelatino Network Inc. against TELUS Communications Company regarding the non-distribu... and you can see that it is framed in terms of a violation of carriage rules. The channel was discontinued on January 9, 2020 so it is unlikely to see a return. As new customers, it would seem that iff the channel is of great importance to you, you would have investigated if its carried by Telus prior to subscribing. Having a channel pulled while a current subscriber would be more understandable. TLN also took a stab at putting its subscribers against Telus with this Petition instead of trying to work out an agreement with Telus.