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TELUS STB IPV6015. Anynet+ device is not connected.


Recently, our previous TELUS STB has been replaced with IPV6015. Now when everything is turned off, then turned on, the Samsung TV can no longer detect the LG soundbar as a receiver and the speaker settings on the Samsung TV select "TV Speakers" by default. When I try to select the "Receiver" option, I get the "Anynet+ device is not connected. Please check connection and retry." message. 
Here are the connections:
TELUST STB <-> HDMI cable <-> Samsung TV (port HDMI 1)
LG soundbar <-> HDMI cable <->  Samsung TV (port HDMI 2)
LG soundbar <-> fibre optics <-> Samsung TV (port Digital Out)
As a workaround, I disconnect the HDMI cable from the TELUS STB, then Samsung TV allows me to select the "Receiver" option for the speaker settings and there are no error messages. After the LG soundbar is recognized as a "Receiver", I reconnect the HDMI cable to the TELUS STB and can use the Optik TV remote to control volume again. However, the moment everything is turned off/on again, the TV defaults back to "TV Speakers". 
I have already spent some time with TELUS Support over Chat and they suggested contacting the TV manufacturer.
Is there any setting on the TELUS STB which could block other HDMI devices?
Any suggestions?


Community Power User
Community Power User

I just leave the fibre connection between the TV and my sound system


I wouldn’t expect HDMI passthrough from HDMI1 to HDMI2.


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Community Power User

You have a redundant connection between your TV and soundbar. You should use either HDMI or Optical but not both. Some info here:


Set up your Samsung Soundbar - Connect to TV with HDMI and more


There may be additional settings on your TV that will determine how volume control works. You may have an option for fixed or variable output that could possibly affect this. Also ARC and CEC settings may come into play. These are mentioned in the article above.

Just a long time customer hoping to help.