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Software updates

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Hi, is there a way to be notified when a software update is available for any of the devices that I have? ie Modem or OpticTV or phone. I currently have an update that needs to be done across all my Telus devices and apparently the auto updated didn't go through. If I hadn't phones Customer Service I wonder how long it would have taken Telus to contact me. I've been having internet and connection issues for about 2 weeks.


Community Power User
Community Power User

The software updates are pushed to the Optik TV boxes and the Telus modems/gateways automatically. Those are not frequent. There won't be one update that spans across all your devices. Reboot the modem and then all your Optik boxes. IF there is an update available they should re-try at some point overnight.


For phone updates, it will depend on your device. If you have an Android device you can look at the software updates page to see if there is an upcoming update. Apple releases iOS updates directly on their own. If you have an older Android device, updates may or may not be available depending on the specific device and manufacturer.


Telus will not phone or contact you regarding updates that are coming. If you are having problems with your internet, talk with tech support. They are the best place to start if you're having problems.

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Hi Nighthawk, thanks for the info. Apparently there is something wrong with my modem and or TV box. I'm having a service tech coming tomorrow to fix it.