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Just Moved In

Why are there so many old shows that are shown over and over again, year after year?  How many different channels can they show Republic of Doyle on?  how many years can you watch ice Road truckers and Yukon gold in an endless loop? Pretty soon one wonders why I’m paying so much money for these reruns!


Community Power User
Community Power User

Networks choose their lineups and shows aired. Not much you can do about it, Telus just offers the channels.

Community Power User
Community Power User

There are services offering different lineups. Look for what’s best for your needs. I find most of what I want to watch online. SWMBO prefers the usual TV offerings, including the reruns.


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Friendly Neighbour

Consider the alternative garbage that's coming out fresh and new;


- Reality shows (the Mentally Deficient Housewives of who gives a crap, Realty listings for places you'll never visit, Try and beat Bobby Flay or some other sofa king we Todd did chump....not with a baseball bat, but cooking???!!!)

- Star Wars (by Disney)

- another more boring than the extended version movies The Lord of the Rings (I'd like fries instead please).


Pretty much everything new on TV is just garbage. So they may as well make the re-runs just as bad.


than cancel your tv subscription its not TELUS's fault there's nothing on