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Optik TV keeps freezing and playing.

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Anyone have any luck resolving a super choppy, freezing then playing then freezing( like every 1 second it will freeze then play) Optik TV Service?

Community Power User
Community Power User

That can be caused by a few different things. Most are connection related and some are to do with the outside connection. In rare cases it's the set top box. It's also rare for it to be an area wide issue as those are caught pretty fast.


  • Are you using a wireless set top box or wired?
  • If you have multiple set top boxes, is it affecting only the one box or all of them?
  • Is it affecting live TV or also shows you've recorded previously?
  • Has anything changed with your home network recently?
  • Have you rebooted your Telus router and then the set top box(es)?
  • If wired, is the set top box connected directly to the Telus router? If not, how is it connected? Are there any other devices like an ethernet switch the box is connected to?
  • Have you contacted technical support to have them check your connection? 

One reason I ask about other devices like ethernet switches is that in the past when I had a similar issue, it turned out that the ethernet switch I was using had started malfunctioning. To the PC connected didn't show any issues but the set top box was more sensitive. Swapping out the switch fixed the freezing in my case, though switches failing is also quite rare.

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