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Optik TV app Issuses


Are there plans to upgrade the service?  It's a huge downgrade from the service, which wasn't very good in the first place.


It's slow, forces users to login each time, scolling is terrible, changing timeslots is terrible and much of the time it just doesn't work.  For instance today, after logging in (again), I went to the guide and tried watching World Cup - all I got was a blank screen. I don't know if the issue is capacity, licensing or technical incompetence.


I've suggested that Telus take a look at the Shaw alternative, it is a much richer and better developed service without some of the restrictions Telus has opted for. (you can watch everything you're subscibed to and you can watch programs from the PVR.


Please, please make this better.  Maybe have the marketers, planners and developers eat their own dogfood when they come up with new ideas.


TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member is meant to be an upgrade over the old watchoptik site; all of the over 400 HD channels available on Optik, including NHL Centre Ice, NBA League Pass and NFL Sunday Ticket, are now available on the TELUS TV+ platform (compared to fewer than 200 on the old Optik site), keyboard controls for pause, rewind fast forward and volume and a refreshed user interface. We are continuing to add new features; if there is anything you'd like to see, feel free to comment or submit to the ideas thread.


If you are persistently getting a black screen on the player for channels that you are subscribed to, there is a chance that your account's channel subscriptions aren't properly synched - you may need to chat or call in to our technical support team. TSN1 is working fine for me on Chrome right now. It's worth noting that Google's Widevine DRM (their digital rights management service) experienced an outage this morning that was affecting both Live TV and On Demand on Google platforms, including Android mobile, Android TV and some web browsers including Chrome.


Your login credentials should absolutely be retained (they are for me on Chrome) - double check your browser settings and that you're using a supported browser (Edge, Chrome or Safari) and that 3rd party cookies are persistently enabled for and that you're not using incognito or private modes.


The current Optik TV PVR solution is a hard-drive based PVR that lives locally in your home, which is why your web browser cannot access recordings. If there are channels to which you subscribe and cannot access, again, this is likely an account synchronization issue.

First off, thanks for replying.  I was expecting crickets...


Adding Pause, rewind, FF would be great. If it's there I don't see any indication of the functionality. I do see the volume, but not the others.  While I have your ear.  The new scrolling is pretty awful compared to before. Especially changing time windows.


The blank screen was temporary - I assume an issue on the back end (capacity or maybe the DRM issue you mentioned? - it only affected the World Cup streams).


I use Edge and it is not retaining the credentials.  This is new behaviour with your new service. Is there something specific I should look for (an Edge setting?).


The Shaw equivalent I mentioned could access its local PVR - if they were on the same network (didn't work remotely).  I seem to have access to all subscribed channels now - one improvement over the previous version. Interesting you mention the PVR is local storage based, I thought it was a hybrid of local and cloud based due to the storage capcitity it seems to have.

TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

Hi @BobH55 thank you for your patience and feedback. Rewind, pause, and FF are available for Video on Demand. For Live, please stay tuned for more updates. 

In terms of retaining credentials, I am experiencing something similar. I will be flagging to our development team for further investigation.