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Optik TV Surround Sound & Recording Options

Friendly Neighbour
I just had Telus Fibre installed and the new Optik TV Android digital box. The Telus TV app does not support surround sound, but the new Android box will play surround content on Prime, Paramount+, Disney+ etc. When will the Telus TV app support surround sound? Also, the record series is missing options like only keep one, two three recording or keep for x days. Please add them, hate having to clean up my recordings.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@t3chno1d Surround sound isn't supported at this time. If that changes, we'll definitely let you know 🙂

Another negative for the new box.

Friendly Neighbour

I do have to say the video quality is much sharper then the Shaw Bluecurve, and I get less stuttering and artifacting. The 3rd party apps run so well I'm just running everything on the digital box now, no longer need my Chromecast with Google TV device. As this is the 1st version I'm hoping they add many more features to bring it up to what Optik TV had on the local PVR.


Have you encountered other trouble?

I’m still on the original Optik pvr.

Happy that Telus is only offering the new box to new customers only. Maybe by the time it rolls out to existing customers the bugs will be ironed out.

That’s contrary to lots of other online comments. Were you with Total TV?