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New optik upgrade

Just Moved In
Just called to see if we could upgrade the box in my living room to the new 4K box and was told that it wouldn’t work in my house…then was told it would. But I would be without service for 7 days waiting for the boxes to show up in mail. She was really hard to understand and I’m really confused now… she said it’s something to do with new technology or something. Can someone please help me and explain this to me in terms I can understand. Thank you

TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

Hi @Scttdvs 


Are you upgrading an HD PVR/Wireless Digital Box to a 4K PVR/Wireless Digital Box? Or are you upgrading from the legacy Optik TV with local (harddrive) PVR to the new Optik TV with cloud PVR? 


Whether it will work will depend on which upgrade path you're taking, and what internet equipment you have in your home. The new Optik TV platform will work on any TELUS internet gateway. The legacy Optik TV platform will require newer internet equipment (T3200 modem or newer) for 4K PVR/Wireless Digital Box.


TV equipment is self-install and shipped via Canada Post or UPS. Depending on where you live, it can arrive in as little as 1 business day, is normally closer to 3, but can be up to 5 for more rural locations (northern Vancouver Island, for instance). Either way, unless your old equipment is completely dead, it should still be able to be used until the new equipment arrives and is set up. In the meantime, the TELUS TV+ app doesn't rely on having any TELUS-supplied equipment in your home, so you can use it on supported devices (mobile, Apple TV, Android TV,



would the confusion be copper v. fibre optic or does it matter.

I have wondered why Telus (plus others) hire people that cannot speak english fluently to an English caller

I have fiber. On Twitter they said said they they use two different technologies so you can’t mix and match them