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Netflix Watchlist


Does anybody here know of a way to keep your Netflix watchlist from constantly shuffling. When we got Netflix thru Telus about 3 months ago my GF set up the watchlist in a way to make it easier to find things quickly - movies / tv shows leaving Netflix were right at the top so we would be reminded to watch them before they disappeared, movies with sequels were listed side by side, movies, TV shows, stand up specials were listed separately, etc. And if one of us moved a show it stayed exactly where we put it. But a few weeks ago we noticed that every time we opened Netflix the watchlist order was changed. I did try asking a Netflix CSR ( both on the phone and via chat ) but all they suggested was signing out of Netflix and then signing back in but that didn't fix the problem. Anybody here know of a hack to keep the watchlist stationary ????


Community Manager
Community Manager

Thanks for your PM, glad to hear it was figured out!

Ummmm......I didn't send anybody a PM about this problem and it hasn't been figured out yet. I tried  a couple more CSRs from Netflix but all i got was a " that's weird " and another " try signing out and see if that helps ". Once again - it did not.👎

We received a message informing us that turning off your VPN worked for a while.

Hi El-Eric - my PM to A-B was about how turning off my VPN on the Norton 360 stopped me from having to sign into this Forum site every time I visited. It had nothing to do with Netflix. 

Ah fair enough


So is this happening to any other Netflix users here ????