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Issue with Telus Android box and Samsung 95B Oled TVs

Just Moved In
I have 4 of the new Telus Android TV boxes. Two of them are connected to new Samsung 95B Oled TVs and the others to a Sony and older Samsung TV. On the ones connected to the Samsung 95Bs after a few days the screen goes green. I can hear audio but nothing will remove the green screen unless I unplug the TV box. Tech support replaced one of the boxes and it still occurs. If I switch it with one of my other TVs the problem always occurs on the Samsung 95Bs. There is some sort of incompatibility with those TVs but it is causing a problem from within the Telus box. When I get the green screen, if I unplug the HDMI from the TV and plug it into another screen or monitor, the output is still a green screen so once the issue occurs it is coming from the box. It's making watching TV on our new TVs very unenjoyable as we constantly have to reset the boxes. I have tries changing every setting I can find, HDMI cables, resolution, and nothing makes it go away.

Community Power User
Community Power User
Have you updated the firmware on your tv? I have a Samsung S95B and don’t have any issues as you describe on mine.

It says I'm running version 1602 and there are no new updates.