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Home theater remote programming for Telustv-21



PLEASE enable the NEW Android / Bluetooth Optick TV boxes (Telustv-21t) functionality to use 3rd party remotes. 
Not being able to use one of the most advanced AIO remotes "Harmony HUB" with this new system is annoying and frustrating. 
I can program and add my Shield TV, why can't I add the new Android based Telustv-21 boxes? 


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I hate the limited features on these Optik boxes, almost makes me want to switch back to Shaw.

I was able to use the Telus remote to train my Harmony Hub to know enough commands to use it quite well with the new Telus Android box from Technicolor. However, once you pair the remote to use Bluetooth (not IR) then it no longer appears to send IR codes. Anyway, with enough persistence and a bit of technical knowledge I was able to make it work


This is just basically a generic android box, sasktel and bell are also using a similar box. Theres hundreds of these android boxes everywhere, logitech supports a few big ones like shield. You likely wont get any specific ease of setup for a bluetooth device like telus's android box from logitech.


However my plan and I have done this before can you not just add another shield for instance, and pair it with the telus android box? Its just a generic box, I seen on reddit someone claimed they paired a bluetooth speaker with it....


You would have to learn a few exclusive commands via IR though like the guide button, its a bit of work, but the main point of blue tooth is how responsive scrolling is (up down left right) and it should pair as long as you add something like another shield. Even with my shield though it took a bit of trial and error to pair, I had to reboot my phone before as it wouldnt pair.


Thats my plan anyway, just scared to switch to these new boxes, and dont like them, and then telus wont let me switch back to my old system.


FWIW this box also has IR commands or should in harmonys database I think if you add technicolor UIW4045.


But you would be doing me a big favor if you try to create another activity like a shield or pc, or any of these and see if the blueooth pairing process works with this device, it should if its just another generic android tv device.


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Possibly a PC activity even?

Btw I cant recall how to learn IR commands with this remote, the box might need to be off for the supplied remote to revert to IR.