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Does the Telus Digital Box work with ARC or eARC?


Just signed up with Telus and got the TV box a few days ago. I am noticing that when my Soundbar HDMI is connected to the TV's ARC/eARC port I get an Error msg often when I watch Telus live TV. Streaming without the Telus TV box, I have zero issues. I called Telus and they said the box should work fine with the soundbar connected to the TV using HDMI ARC/eARC. 


Has anyone had any luck with ARC/eARC ? My Soundbar is Samsung and Sony TV. Both new 


Community Manager
Community Manager

@alawlor Which box did you receive recently? TV+ does natively support HDMI ARC. Can you describe your wiring layout?

Friendly Neighbour

Can you request to swap out a PVR box and plain box for TV+ boxes?  TV+ boxes are Android boxes?  Recordings are in the Cloud?


Otherwise the other option is cancel TELUS TV and lose my 40% discount? 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello. I'll send you a private message to discuss options further, thanks!

Friendly Neighbour

Just got a Sony HTA-3000 with ARC, soundbar to Sony ARC HDMI port 4.   TELUS connected to HDMI 1.


No sound from TELUS STB.


TV apps work just fine.


Chromecast with Google TV 4k connected to HDMI port 2 just fine.

I turned on CEC in the TELUS stb settings. 


Are there TELUS boxes that support ARC?   Sound from TELUS to TV then ARC port to Soundbar.