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Disabling the Weather Network App


Hi there - does anybody here know how to permanently disable the Weather Network app from appearing on channel 127 ( in Vancouver ) on Optik TV ???? When I switched over to Telus in April I never activated this app but maybe this is something that is automatically activated by Telus for their new customers. I tried asking a couple of Telus CSRs and TV tech people but nobody knew how to permanently disable this app and a couple of them said that they don't think this is possible. I did find the following instruction on the Telus website:


Exit The Weather Network app through any of the following methods:

  1. Select Exit on the left side menu
  2. Press the Back button twice on your remote
  3. Press and hold the Exit button on your remote
  4. Press Channel up or Channel down on your remote

But these methods will only work temporarily - I'm looking to permanently disable this function. Any help here will be greatly appreciated.



Community Power User
Community Power User

To the best of my knowledge this cannot be disabled. You can customize your guide to only show the channels you wish to see. More here:


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Just a long time customer hoping to help.