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Customer Agent does not allow upgrading from Optik 2.0 to Optik 4.0


my uncle currently has optik 2.0 (which uses Essentials) and has older box, but wants to upgrade to Telustv-21T  (android) box.  Agent told , you need  optik 4.0 and cannot be upgraded from optik 2.0. 


only way to get optik 4.0 is to sign up a new account.  and also told,  you cannot sign up a new account unless you cancel your telus service and wait 90 days.


i find this silly that, they want us to cancel the service for 90 days and sign up a new account, just to upgrade to optik 4.0.


i know this is just one customer , but does Telus really want to lose business for 90 days?


any solution?


Community Power User
Community Power User
As has been discussed previously on the forums, existing Optik customers will eventually be upgraded to the new hardware. It just takes time to roll out several million set top boxes. His best option for now is to just be patient.

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It probably a good thing that they are using new customers as Guinea pigs while they iron out the kinks.

Telus probably thinks people that are thinking about switching to a new plan at a time other than Nov. sales period has a household with enough members to register as a new customer. Otherwise how can they justify the high subscription bill? lol