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Copper and Fiber Support


I spent one hour troubleshooting an OptikTV problem with a "Fiber Team" tech, not including the 20 minute wait, who told me he didn't have the authority to fix my problem because the TV service was still on a copper line. He sends a complete description of the problem to a "Copper Team" tech who has enough information to fix the problem. The "Copper Team" tech calls me, but I miss the call. On the voicemail, he tells me to call back the "Copper Team" support and doesn't do anything despite having the full provision problem laid out to him by the Fiber team tech. Why does Telus run such a terrible support system? Copper and Fiber should be amalgamated. We also get these random people calling, asking us to switch to fiber, but then ask personal information. We can give it out this private information to random callers, so we can't switch to Fiber. So frustrating.


Community Power User
Community Power User

If Fibre is available in your neighbourhood, you could initiate the call, so you know who you are calling to set up the change over to a new service.


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