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Do you not want my business?

Just Moved In

I am currently a Shaw/Rogers customer.   I have TV/Intenet/Home Phone service.  My hardware is reaching end of life and I need to upgrade.

I called you today because I noticed you still had Black Friday deals for new customers.

I spoke to an agent a few minutes before she told me she had to open up a support ticket and call me back.   A support ticket?   I was looking for information.   I was so confused.   I am a potential new customer and you need to contact support to give me information?


She made some confusing remarks about copper and service speed.   I asked her to assume my address qualified for your service because all I wanted to do was compare prices and service.

The agent didn't seem to understand how off the rails the conversation had gotten.  I kindly asked her to allow me to speak to someone else.

After being on hold for a second time I gave up.  I spent 53 minutes on the phone and got NO information.   Can you be less serious about getting a new customer?

Your onboarding process is lousy.   If your service is this bad just getting information I'd hate to be a customer with a support issue.

I'll stick with Shaw/Rogers.   The call I made to them was short, specific and informative.

You can keep your "free" TV or xbox. The hassle isn't worth it.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Sorry to hear that. Let us know if there's ever any other questions you have regarding our TV service and we'll be here.