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Just Moved In

We moved into out townhouse in the Garneau neighborhood in Feb 2020. We contacted Telus to subscribe to WIFI and Optik TV. We have been customers for over 30 years. We were advised that we had a copper wire connection but were assured that fiber optic would be installed by that summer.  We live in a 10 unit townhouse complex. I spoke to Telus representatives on numerous occasions over the years to find why the FO had not been installed. I was also advised that we are the only complex without a FO connection in the neighborhood. I was again assured on multiple occasions that Telus was working on the FO connection and it would be done shortly. I was never given a reason why FO had not been provided. The reps also advised they would get back to me to advise the status of the installation. I have never received a call back. Our Optik TV and WIFI have been substandard due to lack of the capacity we would have with FO. 


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey, I'll send you a private message to get some info from you, thanks.


Within the past 5 or so years Telus was making a big push to take a market share from the then Shaw. Prewire of FO was offered condo buildings for free. The only reason your building was not done is the people in charge at the time of your condo OPTED OUT. That program is now over, it is no longer free in the areas in which it was pushed.

One unit wanting FO is not feasible.