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Constantly adding Promo & OnDemand channels

Just Moved In

Anyone else just sick and tired of Telus constantly adding Promo and OnDemand channels? Every time there is a reset, I end up having to manually customizing my guide because Telus keeps adding more and more Promotional channels. Every time it takes me an hour to delete them from my guide. (yes, I know there is an option to only show subscribed channels, but this still shows those unwanted channels) 


I've counted over 63 Promo channels and with the addition of the these OnDemand & Surfzone Barker channels accumulate over a 100 channels that I have to ONE BY ONE delete off my guide. It's unbelievably frustrating! Do you want to spend an hour writing down all these channels and then trying to delete them? 


I once mentioned this to a customer service rep who asked me if I was having any issues. They said they would look into it but of course I know they won't reply back. I really really suggest Telus to provide a better option.



If you have a suggestion for how to manage the guide configuration better please post it in the Idea section.


I would certainly like to be able to easily filter out certain channels from my guide without having to do them one by one. Nobody in my house watches the childrens channels, non-english channels, Fox News, preview channels, etc.

Community Power User
Community Power User

The Favourites List is the answer. More here:


Favourites list for Optik TV | Support |


Just a long time customer hoping to help.