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Cloud PVR Series Recording Issue

Just Moved In
Hi there,
I've recently signed up for Telus Optik TV with the Arris boxes and cloud PVR and I've noticed a series recording issue. When I set a series recording it will capture the shows as far as the guide goes, about two weeks, but once new days populate the guide the series record doesn't capture any new episodes. I then have to set another series record and it captures those new episodes and the cycle continues. Am I the only one or is this a known bug that will be fixed?

Oh,, rest assured,,,your not the only one.
IMO you were lucky to get 2 weeks worth of recordings consistently! (You didn't mention if it was First Runs and Repeats or First Runs only,,,,but I suspect it was the former)
Better get used to it. Series Recordings appears to be an insurmountable problem for this cracker Jack backend team who can't seem to make any progress despite constant complaints and repeat issues around this flawed platform.

TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

Hi @farfalu 


You mention that you have 'the Arris boxes and cloud PVR'. The Arris boxes are on the legacy Optik TV platform, and Cloud PVR is on the new Optik TV platform, and the 2 are not compatible, so this could be causing all sorts of recordings issues. I'd recommend that you call into our technical support team to get your equipment/account mismatch resolved. For Cloud PVR, you'll want the new TELUS TV Digital Box (model TELUSTV-21T, made by Technicolor). You can tell these boxes from the Arris boxes in a few ways: 1. the new boxes are smaller and square when viewed from the top (rather than rectangular) and 2. the remotes are matte rather than shiny and have Netflix and Prime Video buttons.