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Channel guide display off by 1


Channel 3000 "entering the Ukrainian category" suddenly appeared on my channel guide here in Calgary. There is nothing Ukranian there but a static picture of the usual Telus channel categories.


Take your remote and click Guide/options/guide settings/customize channels and enter 3001 on the numeric keypad. Now tick off the little square on channels 3001 and 3003. Press the 'exit' button and then press the OK button to save. You now have "The Ukranian Category" on your channel lineup.

Yak A You


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @Shytin Channel 3000 was announcing Unkranian content available.  The channels 3001 and 3003 are free channels available until March 28th, 2022. 

No, that's my point channel 3000 has no audio and announces nothing.  And its spelt Ukrainian not Unkranian. The visual content has no reference to Ukrainian content.  The rest of my post explains how to receive  free Ukrainian channels until March 28.