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Cannot control Optik TV with my TV remote anymore (Sony Bravia)

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I don't know if my kids changed some settings somewhere or if it's really a sudden issue but since last night, my Sony Bravia remote doesn't control my Optik TV anymore. (the remote works normally for everything else)


I unplugged the Optik TV, changed the battery on the remote and I even did a factory reset on the TV and re-paired Optik TV with the TV remote but it's still not working (I cannot change the channel for example)


Any idea what might cause this?




Community Power User
Community Power User

It sounds like they may have reset the remote. You will likely need to reprogram it to work with Optik TV.



Does the Optik remote work?


I experienced the same thing on both of my new Sony TV, the A80J and X90J.  Suddenly one day the Sony remote would no longer control the Telus Optik box even though it was working fine for many days before.  Then 2 weeks later the same thing happened on my other Sony TV.  When I called Sony tech support the first time they ran through the standard flow chart procedures and got 'lucky' with re-setting up the remote.  When my A80J experienced the same problem today I tried re-setting up the remote multiple times with no luck.


However, I finally figured out a fix for the A80J.  Setup the cable box using the option where you enter the cable box manufacturer and model#.  I found that if I entered Arris then VIP5662W it would not work.  I had to choose Telus as the manufacturer and then VIP5662W as the model# and it worked!   I didn't bother trying to see if it was the actual fix but it did work.  I suspec there is some issue with the remote database that Sony enlists to provide remote codes.  I think they might not have the different Telus cable boxes setup correctly.  However, why the Sony remote suddenly loses the working setup intermittently is unknown.  Perhaps the Sony is 'smart' and refreshes its cable box setup periodically.  Unfortunately, since there might be a database issue (if my suspicion is correct) then this update is causing the wrong codes to be refreshed.  Just a guess on my part.


I wish I could talk to a Sony tech who truly knew if this is possible.  However calling Sony tech support from a fresh start is painful.  They will ask if I have plugged in the TV and 50 other mostly useless time for it