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CAT5 Cable Damage


There is a damaged CAT5 cable that runs from the utility box to the living room and it is not possible to get 4k in that room, from that connection. 


This condo was built over four years ago, and there is also a cable from the utility box to the bedroom. 


If the cable from the utility to the bedroom is good, can the Telus equipment be installed there, and a wireless connection used in the living room to have the same 4k capability as is in the bedroom? 


Thank you


Community Power User
Community Power User

If you connect a laptop to the ethernet in the living room, what speeds are you getting? How do you know the cable damaged? 

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Hi Nighthawk,

That's a good question but I don't have the answer. The owner of the condo had an electrician come in a few years ago and the electrician told him that the line must have been damaged (stapled/screwed through) during construction. Apparently regular cable is fine but not 4k. Telus has also been to the home and told the owner of the condo that the rate of transmission is greatly reduced, likely due to a damaged cable. I was asked to help repair/resolve for the owner. But, the Telus tech and the electrician both did not provide the owner with an option or recommendation to repair the line (???) so I was hoping it could be bypassed. My own home has the main connection in the bedroom and the wireless in the living room. Thank you 




In theory, if the bedroom connection is OK for 4K.......Place the PVR there and wireless connect the other set top boxes.   It does not matter where the PVR is as all STB's  talk to it for shows.   Watch a PVR show on any STB